Ah, The Terms of a Layman. (The Decoder Ring Version)
Today at 6PM there will be a gathering of people.
This gathering will take place in a place of failed commerce. A dead empire, left for a lower class.
(700 Nicollet Mall. Macy's..<..Marshall Field's..<..Daytons)
The actual venue for this event is called Barbara's Bookstore.
It is located in the lower level of the building
It is a bookstore.
Our friend James works there. He set this up.(THNXJAMES)

At approximately 6:30 CST a man will start talking at the crowd. He will have a microphone. His name is The GRZA.
He will most likely look like this:

He will tell you a story he wrote. He will tell this story of multiple points of view.
He will yell and he will be angry and he will curse and spit.
He will be flanked by two musicians who will play an uncomfortable accompaniment.
Keys & Drums. Castlevania Rock.
This performance will last about thirty minutes.

The event will serve as the Midwest premiere of the performance:


It was done one before at the Organ Haus. There was no one there...
We traveled all the way to Baltimore to do it as well. Get in on it!

There will also have copies of the Befoul'd book available for purchase or trade.
40 pages. Edition of 100 copies. B&W on cream drawing paper.

So yeah... Come out. Waste 45 minutes of your life on something a bit more ridiculous than your average early Friday evening. Then go to the Belfry or Soo Vac or something.

Steak Eyes.