HLHL 12: Organ Haus, Forever Ending, The Secret Destruction of the Universe

Soft Trout, Mid Tune, Upside Down H.J., The House Spews Entrails, Gale Force Iceburg, TheEndIsNye, TheGoldenGod - Dickhole, Blestos Rides, Big Cups, Hot Dogs, DM2X Holds the Headless Fawn, Slurpping SourKraut, Garage Hive, Cammo Heads Float in Dark Lights, A. Illuminates Entrails, Bukefalos Lives, Mystik Knuckles Rests With the Best, Bukefalos/Television - Self Proclaimed Dieties, Mystery Cat made the wall, Trout Glows, Nippelephant's, 27 travels tracks, Cquinn / WMNBeast / Crustal Fabricates, Morbuis gone Metal Teeth - Expect Cosmoscapes