Caravan East: 6ix Deep - Bukefalos Live!!!

On an unrelated note: BE CAREFUL!!!

Can't really tell if people are into air pirate monologs these days, but we brought it there. All the way there. A good 20 hours there... L♢♢♢PS.

Vag Mage goes Mostly Coastly, on a dark... grey... venture, relentless. We eat our own. We are war. War is our food. Consuming live cultures - Try some Life Juice™ © 2007. 15 girls, couples get in free!

Vammo!!! You Fucking Rats. Climbing your damnedest trees. Dawn the leash and down the drain... but... but... I am a lady - steak kicker. Wait wait wait, no methin around bithhes...

Trade and Barter... Shirts=New Shirts. Hold up... Stop... Try Derek's Shoppe! :)

Get up in it. Get up on it. Believe. Your buildings crumble.

Hermonie was hospitable, a kind lass that one, and We'd like to thank The Bank (and apologize for the table). Racist banter. Invasive WEED(z). e. t. c.

Face TEH polygonal drama for Philly's sake. B.N.O.O.L.

The Benevolent Brokencrow Grants us transport... Bless the BillyGoat.

More jokes PLZ. K THNX Bi/Curious.