This is the flight and we are the only two navigators.

Saw Taterbug last night.

John's step mom works hard to try to keep young John Connor in line. John's stepmom is killed by the T-1000 who then takes her form. As John's stepmother, the T-1000 answers a call from John in which the Terminator with John deduces both of John's stepparents are dead because the stepmother who answered the phone did not know the name of the family dog. In real life she runs the bra store next store to the gallery, her name is Jenette Goldstein. She was also in Aliens. Bad ass.

No visiting crafts / just bad lights.

Three looper tapes recorded in the evening outside Vegas.

Saw the original surf generator (and promised to touch it again) ...
So many burned zombies and lazed skate vampires.

Good great space & road. ((((American Landscapes))))

Just a rain drop on the window... but... aren't we all.

All of a sudden I feel this slant.

I am outside of the egg again and can see the world is resting in a negative space.

This is a disconnect, yes? My globe is moving faster in a direction and your eyes may perceive it like a tear drop or a warp speeding sphere. Touch it. Come with. You won't burn your fingers. I promise. This will be fun for everyone. See the moon there? It is so bright as it illuminates my fingertips, all ten, free of burns and blisters.

This city smells different today.

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e mireles says:

this where you smoke the hash