The Connections Between Are The Secret To Everything

A simple model. 36 white squares / 36 black dots / 10 gray lines. The math doesn't matter. What I'm trying to get at is presence - the unexplained magic that is happening and the instant that it happens. We could sit around discussing what it is, its boundaries, the forms it can take forever - but I have grown disinterested of that discussion and my inability to grasp and contain it. It is a wicked golden energy that holds a painfully complete balance.

The ethereal now.
It simply exists.

It exists for one to investigate and expose these intangible discrepancies found in life, history, culture and society. It serves to be the ideal locale for experimentation, abstraction and even imitation. Rules have no concrete hold there and when stated or imposed remain only to be challenged and broken.
This is done with creation.
The creator is a filter, lens and light source.
The embodiment of golden energy.