Bulwarks. Ramparts. Shiny Bits. Morghoul.

Architect: I finished my death chapter. It sort of petered out. I'm trying to build up a few bulwarks and then in the last half of the month explode them into reasonable sized pieces. Maybe even connect them so it isn't a bunch of bullshit slapped together.
Confidant: I see. Bulwarks? A chunk of thing - some kind of wall - rampart?

Architect: Little fighting islands with lots of little men surrounding the big flat spaces with few men whose weak weapons cannot get into my little fighting islands, and so when I send out my lots of little men, they will win and be victorious. I want to corral off the space into which I can pour a bunch of words.

Gotcha. Ramparts was almost close.
Architect: Something rampartly.
Confidant: A rampartly island
Architect: Little shells. With angles, turtles, maybe... with holes instead of heads, for the lots of little men.
hmmmm.... first level of Super Contra: Mutant turtle boss... with shell turret missles and lazer breat


Sort of a translation of those through a computer scan that is not very accurate. The computer scan then reproduced with very thing but strong metals that are painted in a flat way. Not thing, thin. The metals are not reflective, though maybe yours can be. Mine aren't but that's not crucial to the operation of the ramparts.
Confidant: Right.
Architect: They might even be more effective if they are located in the right spot and the sun reflects off the reflective metal, but mine are, again, not placed in the right spots.

Confidant: It seems as though the sun is a little after thoughty... these will have to work during the night as well. We cannot rely on the sun... or you can rely on the sun to not be there over night.

Architect: I feel like I'm being manipulated into arguing for your shiny and reflective bulwarks, but alright. It wouldn't hurt you in the night or cloudy days to have a reflective form, but on those days when it is very very helpful, perhaps then you might make the decisive move.

"Ow! My eyes are being turned away by the reflection of the sun! Oh no! Lots of little men everywhere. Drat."

You make a strong argument for the inclusion of my shiny parts. Perhaps I'll keep these in mind after all. What then, may I ask, what is the reason for your dull ramparts... the absorbent finish?
I don't know. I don't think so. It doesn't really have many advantages, but it just isn't shiny.

Confidant: Stealth possibly? As to avoid the potential glimmer of destination sitting upon the edge of horizon. A camouflage of luminescence or non.

Architect: Maybe. They are going to be pretty boxy things, not very naturally shaped. They are also not mobile, or not very mobile. I can build new ones, of course, in different places and change where supposedly the edges are and where the edges are is the important piece so the bulwarks will no longer be bulwarks but sort of shitty hills.

Confidant: I can get behind that
Architect: Cool. Yes. How is your book going?
Confidant: Coming along... I've been working on it all week pretty much, and for many weeks prior.
Architect: ...

You weren't supposed to start that early.
Confidant: Hopefully it'll be all done in a month or so
Architect: It's pretty much only a November thing.
Ohhhhhhhh.... shit. ha... that book.
Architect: You only have from the 1st to the 30th, I don't know who told you differently, but they were lying.
Confidant: Yeah... gotta get started
Architect: And now, you are forfeit. Sorry. But your other book, also going well. I mean, not forfeited at least.

Confidant: No. Here it is. It is about a boy ... growing up in a modest town... a village really... who lives a peaceful life over the mountains and out of the way from the evil tyrant and ruler of the land. Then one day they are attacked by beasts - beasts that the boy thought only existed in the stories of bards. They kill his father, so he and his bestest buds strike out on an ultimate quest, etc etc etc... It is called The Fellowship of the Wheel of Swords

I don't know why in stories people live these peaceful idyllic lives but they bitch and moan about tyrannical kings. This fucking guy provides you with a perfect little fairy tale homeland and you call him a tyrant? No, that's just good governance. Maybe he takes your girlfriend for his wife, come on, you've got a thriving economy, nice thatched roofs, rolling hillsides, he's earned it.

Yeah, but he gets his power from the dark half of the yin yang... and he kills wizards to suck Gaia from their loins... to acquire his very own Ultimate Mystic Loins.

I don't see anything wrong with that. Would Wizards know how to manage a complicated fantasy economy? No, they would just make money out of thin air and cause rampant inflation.

Confidant: And that peaceful village only really lasted for about 3/4ths of a generation... their fathers all fought in "The GREAT WOR!" - that is, those who still have fathers. Mordor D.C.

Architect: You can't use Mordor, tjat. Tjat. That's taken.
Confidant: Morghoul D.C. (Death City - that is)

Architect: Morghoul is a master tormentor according to Google.

His spells apparently are only beneficial to warbeasts.

Dangerous, because I don't know any warbeasts.
Confidant: Exacto!

Architect: Eric Idle.