We just happen to have this shack in our grasps.

For the past three years this shack has been conceptualized, decorated and even attacked by cats, but until this moment it has yet to open its doors to the public.

A little exposition:

Summer 2007, we were seven deep in a borrowed minivan, heading east to Baltimore to stage a spoken word performance and assemble an installation of trinkets. One of our travel companions was a man by the name of Derek Maxwell, his contribution to our "project" was a small suitcase filled with handmade objects created by Twin Cities based artists available for sale or trade - simple grassroots commerce wrapped in relational esthetics.


So, here is the scoop: From now until the winter winds blow us back into our homes we are making this small shack available to our creative friends and colleagues to interact with random passersby. It can be used for anything from presenting your findings or selling your wares to distributing agitprop or engaging in summer conversations. There are no posted hours, the shop is simply open when it is active. We have no advertising budget and any profits generated while in the space go directly to the participating resident. So, there are no rules really, just some behavioral logistics that we can deal with once you get set up in the space.
Pretty much anything goes here at Derek's Shoppe.

If you are interested in participating just email us with your ideas or proposals at:


or if you just want to send us some creations for distribution out into the public sphere:

c/o AA & CQ
1927 Hennepin Av #27
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Get in touch.
We hope to hear from you soon!