Forced Output. Your Draft Has Been Purged.

Dear TheGRZA,
Hate me if you will.



The Planning Service is not going to be responsible for this. We have six or seven of these possible acendancies and we didn't have the hardbound sets of information you're trying to pin as confusion; that's raw data. That's what you're supposed to use to figure this stuff out, not complain when you get so much of it that you can be extremely precise.

Certainly, Planning Service is out, they get to pass on this one, but CHOICETM is not a trained planning industry. We aren't built for that sort of processing, we're an implementation and organization conglomerate. Don't give me data is what I'm saying because I can't read it. It's a goddamn foreign tongue to me.

It's data. It's what we have. If we have anything, if you want to count what we have, for real, we have money, we have buildings, air and sea and data. Mountains of things that are, with a big A, Are, measurements that determine your choices so you better learn how to read data or you can't read Are, big A, Are.

Open Session. Descrip Personnel. Given Characteristic. Audio.

PS: HumM-Dat S.-01 Aging. Noted by furtive motions in proximity to Service headquarters.

Stag: What segment of Service?

PS: Co-Ordinal Set Construction Specialty.

Stag: Continue.

PS: Facial Inconsistency on left labial. Ingestion Set PHYS3.

Stag: Three? He got himself Vapors? Why hasn't this come up in briefing?

PS: Vapor Ingestion PHYSet3 suppressions are failing among broad Personnel. Rapid Increase Number lacks meaningful sample time set for COUNT:+,.53, +,.47 +,.31, +.23, +,.ETCETCETC00000000000- RapINum lacks meaningful sample time set for all assumed accuracy orindinals.

Stag: PS, last ordination set composition, any anomolies in set preferences?

PS: Prior Compostions Set Preferences not in use. Composition Set using Future Set SCHDSTP Ordinal 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st- +,.Set recurs.

Stag: PS. Stop acceptable functions. Return to last present day Comp