.•.º.•.º.•.º.•.º.•.º N E W C U L T.º.•.º.•.º.•.º.•.

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You have been summoned to congregate and assemble a sanctuary for The Spirit. The One has been forsaken; neglected due to our degradation. The time has come to restore, reinterpret, remake and repurpose the lost ritual and word.

You have been summoned to honor what has always connected humanity. Come forth with offerings of nature, nurture, emblems, ceremony, life and death, rituals, and rites. Create and present these to The Spirit.

We have been summoned, not as the nameless plenty, but a few of the chosen, and it is our obligation to understand what must be done. The Spirit has graced us with the powers to protect and connect our community. Belated rituals are decaying in our presence. The time has come to reassess and cultivate relevance back into our ritual.

We have been summoned to take down our morals, traditions, expectations, rituals, blessings, myths, idols, festivals, visions, saints, relics, cures, miracles, values,beliefs, and scriptures. Now we must replace them with our own concept on what should be. Make the Pilgrimage to righteousness.

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