Everything Happened at Once

_a recap_

REGIT REPAP pink hats scream REPENT in the mirror. Conned-In soon questions intention - we sit in wordless awe of how little we know. Stutter in response... survival... ummm.... whatever. Rely on these compulsions, trust in reaping... and sewing. BOMBS - POST SMALL/STONE punkrock DOC., then, travel to MORBIUS (palms thirsting plasma) releasing EPs. Certain Frustration or Probable Blood Pressure or Parent's Over Shoulder. Yes. White Vans and epic rap music.

WorkForThem until you don't. Work For Me into the night. T-Juiced... KILL YOURSELF, FATAL, CROSS (stand on your head for that one), CROSS STITCH (on yer head again), and yes, BLOOD LUST (suffering from 6 hour layovers days later). The Enabler - Dentist Spawn - granted (Francis Ford) Copius quantities of high life: results in the annihilation of Mexican suckersx30or40. The darkest of lights illuminate cakes and beads and flowers to our delight. Stand upon these kegs and drain them with a mighty swallow. Count to twenty 1 or 2 or 5 and stomp until your boots crumble. walk home (surely).

Awake to the PM. Stacks of Wack(s). More of the dark light and weddings and the glow-y rods and jazzy-flashing crotch goodness. CHEERZZZZZ. Thanks to Mel and DM2X. image source... Doom Field(s) / Wolf Pack(s) / Cake tower - BFF x 1Third = Jess unless... no.... of course. The Shit Children paid and traveled to witness the wretched crowds of Teh Trock ("Those are T's. Really. OMG."). Painful, but thankyou friends. Drown the crowds with bleak scrawlings dripping downt the chest. REPENT - again. yes.

Lush.Hype(r): Ceremonial Undertakers, Till-Toil Death Do Us Part, and we will do so in a timely fashion. I loathe you... Dearly Beloved. Dreary drawling darlings may we dawn this gloom as wife and groom. Dressed in black and glowing bile palely veiled defiled vile mine is yours through tribs and trial. Unbridled Hate. Finally together for never forever.

The WIVE$ grant us sanctuary - post A-troc-alypse (never again). We laughed and spoke and bathed in fire; oak burns slow. James Brown wants to rock a tramp stamp. I can support that.

Centrifugal force defies 55. Looooop(s). Wojak gets warpainted to appease a small terror. Colt Masta Kill commands all despite his size. A leader indeed. Mud Kayaks and a leprechaun's sword. VanLagerHagaBinsBurgenismology is a big word. Holy Crap! this guy crashed his bike into a tree, bounced his head off a stump not 10 feet away. The Forrest spirit helped him up. Fuuuuuhhhh... mind blowing. Shoulda taken his picture. So Tired. Over to the largest continent with a "Z" More Fish Rapped Raw... cuz FYBS loves to satiate such indulgence.