This Isnt Home - - - - - - Let Us Stay Here

No Cell Phones - All Crossbones
We're on vacation. Don't waste our time.
MPLS / Oakland

OH GAWD BLESS AMERIKA / ___________________________ HAIL

Reverse Nazi

Orion's belt (MIB) w. one love for the 1stBlood part 2
Soaking sun in defiance of the hard/heartless subzero stasus of homelandlessness.
Let us not go home | We've totally forgotten you

Organ Yard

Watch the worst, we have watched the worst | relaxation went west

1992 - Predator, Predator 2, AVP (NO R)

Full Pads / High Wasted Skirts / 13 Year Old Attitudes


We saw hawks or some type of raptor. Then the sky explodes, every imaginary volcano erupts and colors the sky mostly magenta. Loren joins Pizzart or PI22art or pissart*. Evening ends on a note of globulous public art just outside Fairyland just across the lake from the Church of the Most Majestic Vag. Demons drive dark gondolas.

Pitbull 7 bleeds for the 1st time -- VII -- "youre a woman" SEVEN! SAHBAH!
Dog drips are wiped below sobered eyes as we invoke the dark lord.

Cardboard burning in the backyard mudslide refuse treasure trove - Cat Skull
Total angles. Sit and shift.

Cat Skull

Santana Crews via renta-Kia n W.E. walk barefoot in your winter times

Arcade / Shitty tacos with a view
we'll trade one setting sun for the ski ball street fighter photobooth pacman

ON2 Monica C'z drawing stronghold. The fat one (825) wrote some words for her new lexicon (BUY-Bi-BYE) while the mean one (B33P) exploded a cat skull. A rat was added, mistakes were made and wire tags were caught. Best freegan bread and homemade cappuccinos. EVER. Wish there was more time spent here.

CQ + MC wolf child brings things to a whole different level. Not even a preview.
You gotta just go to the Suitcase Shop to see it.


Phoenix down for life n 4 arms (mind Goro vs. Joetune back circa Organ Fields (mpls))
Bloody Merry Faeries - Not for the landlocked.

Alcatrash in Japanese - Cypress Hill Over Wolfpacks & Native American women

Elvis Chrst - Sexy vegabond - third tier - known in town greatest around
First closest best friend of Neil Cassidy's son.


ALBINO Snake Attack
U R a scared shaking rabbit; you get ate

Earth Mothers | Goth Lovers
Dirty Berkeley Tree Huggers

RE: Cycle

Sanrio Ball Z

Smokeland hosts - bless Ali Oakland/Jamma Flynnn - More than 2 tons of thanks.

Golden Energy
Golden Energy

Stay Warm
We're Frozen