"He immediately ran to the beast, and took hold of the fur at the scruff of it's neck. He turned him directly towards the sun, having, it seems, observed that he was disturbed at and afraid of the motion of his own shadow; then letting him go forward a little, still keeping the scruff in his hands, and stroking him gently when he found him begin to grow eager and fiery, he let fall his knife softly, and with one nimble thrust killed him. And when he was seated, by little and little drew in the blood, and let the animal die without either striking or spurring him."

What form will you take? I am sure it will be appropriate!
Do you have a hope somewhere in there? Is it long enough>>for THIS!

Listen Up Little Doves-! This is about a conquering hero, a fleeing rebel returning home! He broke our laws and He didn't listen to us and Now, all we can feel is shame that we offered it, fear that we stopped it before, and the dithyramb of glory that our stupid fears could not stop him. So what that we had failed before! We assumed that he would too and we tried to make it happen-!

So take my advice and when you at yourself look in the mirror, hold your breath and hope to go blind so you won't have to look at yourself in the mirror. You had almost erased hope when he climbed out of your holes that you dug to give it back to you, so be grateful and Listen Up, Listen Up Little Doves!

What happened? What happened.
Our Hero ran south when it was burnt and empty. He followed his own highway you didn't know about and many more miles than your said were possible. Throw out the calculations, and while you're at it, kill the calculators! He doesn't worry though, when he was outside, alone and unafraid, he found warriors and heroes you knew about but only in passing sarcasm and jealous satire. Hah! He knows them as Men and Masters and in Full-Bodied Revelation-! Our Hero has discovered his story and He brought us back a Gift-! That of a Bukefalo-!

Listen Up Little Doves!
And I Will Tell You A Story!