Understand this. Nobody does.

So, Many years ago... we were all destroyed... we as in us, and you and I, but now we still are. We are here or there, but if you and I were not here like now, but in a different now, and a different here, there is a good chance we wouldn't be alive, or would have surely been devoured by deranged subhuman creatures. But let us now imagine that we have survived that certain catastrophe. We have persevered and thrive, wearing 17th hand loin cloths and broaches made of action figures and mannequin fingers. We are convinced that Mickey Mouse is some form of mystical demi god. What do we do then? Must we understand? No. Certainly not. We enjoy the fact that we live and think, and sleep under trees suffering from the inconvenience of cognitive thought. Communicating is not the issue.

A man in the informercial swore he could jump w/o disrupting the glass of wine in which our comfort and apathy was contained. Jumping! On the MahFugggin bed. Unbelievable, but true. He did it, and we awake covered in red alcoholic filth. The stench of a drunkard... but I swear I'm sober. I'm sober and I can see straight. I see my 10 fingers, surely they exist. Surely the Bike Club took over the Walker... burning tires in the polygonal window around the clock, to clearly demonstrate the insatiable fury a massive skull truly represents. Modern. Post... Poly... Mo...rtem/dern.

These plants grow from me and I grow from these plants. I breath my product, smoking self sufficiency. On this fruit I thrive and spew my growth. My Oxygen, my CO2, reveling full of chlorophyl.

The music was magic. The synthetic stars shone down upon us, and left us standing amidst the masses... Needles (DM2X) relayed the message. He was blatant/blunt. He is no profit (he is no Doktor) but a warlord, responsible for the long black scarz marring our supposed home.

"Bleak. Shit is bleak!"

A place is merely coordinates. X,Y,Z... It can be viewed from all sides

Think Venn. Think, saturday morning cartoons. Think... drinking wine in bed.

photo cred:NCK MRSHLL