The Final Slobbering Tentacle: Post S.A.D Battles or 25under25 + Some/365 For Those of a Day Long Past

HARDLAND/HEARTLAND(11): The Final Slobbering Tentacle

Piece Contains: Hand Cut Vinyl.

Artifact. A chemical compound of ethylene (CH2CH) and chlorine, used as a basic ingredient in consumer products made of plastic.

Usage: Nonverbally, the chemical makeup of vinyl's ethylene resembles plant phytosterols found in incense and animal steroids such as male testosterone and female estrogen. Vinyl components in athletic, computer, and automotive products thus have a hidden appeal many find mildly aphrodisiacal. Like rubber goods, vinyl products in footwear, keyboards, floor mats, and tires have a subliminal appeal, recognized by none yet understood by all.

Also Contains: unidentified flying objects, wandering personas, leaky wangos, dick noses, screaming brontosaurs, flesh colored towers, fallen cataclysms, fire, wind, water, ejaculating probes, silent assassins, thonged derriers, gaping slits, amorphous drips and lines. These non-sensical elements combine and congeal to form the greatest of non-possibles: The Final Slobbering Tentacle. Risen from the most unlikely of canyons.

We make lemons out of lemonade.

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