We are the constructors of the Hyper Lush.
Protective Exoskeletons. Arranged Fabrics.
Sewn and inked with magic.
Unquestionable aesthetics.
Sides have been taken. Sects have been formed.
Are you are willing to live with a third stage mutation?
After the toxic burns and the lower-tier battles(the clear cutting of the Midwest), life began to seep from the waste. The long black scars on the map between the mountains were now accompanied by colorful splashes of dots.
These green communities foraged for protection from the elements, wrapping their mutated limbs in colorful swathes and shielding their eyes from those with gaping jaws who would deem them unworthy. These groups were good and powerful, barterers and honest roadmen by nature, and they were staking their claim in the MW.
When time began again it was just scraps of fabric and scratches on a wall.
Now... it will be a sight to behold.
Hand Crafted Goods
◊Fuck Diamonds◊
Are Forever.